Monday, December 14, 2009

december 14, 2009.

Like always, I told you what I thought. But you never listen to anybody anyway. Like always, I tried to understand what you meant by things. But you switch up so much it's difficult. Like always, I trusted you to be there. But I guess you found a new fakefriend. Like always, I had your back with everything. But it's funny how I gotta watch my own now. Like always, I gave you everything I had. But now you think I owe you? Like always, I was Bonnie and you was my nigga Clyde. But I guess you found a new villian. Like always, we made it through together. But now it's like you've given up. Like always, I called you my Forever. But I guess nobody really knows how long forever is .&&. For once I gave a fuck about our friendship. Cuz you use to say I didn't.

P.S i guess now i figured out how you felt. but that doesnt mean you walk away to somebody else for the third time.

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