Sunday, December 13, 2009


How can you live?
Knowing` that you left your one and only daughter`
To grow` up with a verbally abusive mother
And an chronic alcoholic for a step father

How can you sleep at night`?
Knowing` that all she feels is pain
How can you pretend that she doesn’t exist?
Yet invisible to her you continue to remain

How long` can you go on?
Knowing` she’s out there alone
Living` in a warzone
That she calls her home

What will it take for you?
To understand the feeling` of being` abandoned
And how each day she wishes she could die
Because her life seems purposeless and stranded

When will you step up?
And end her constant` hurt and rejection
And see how badly` she needs your love
Support and protection`

How long` can you go on?
Lying` to your own heart and face
About a daughter `
From your life you can’t erase

How can you go` on each day?
Knowing` that your only kid
Is living` a horrible life
Never understanding` what she’s ever done to deserve this

How can you live with yourself?
You were the one person she depended on most
And now you’re nothing` more to her
Than just a ghost`

How do you sleep at night`?
As she wonders if you even love her
Or if you are ever returning`
To come back and help her

How can you go` on each day?
While she lives in strife`
Wishing `that her dad would come and save her
From the harsh reality she calls life`.

How can you g`o on?
Knowing` your daughter` will never know her dad
And how selfish you are to live your own life
Something she’ll never really understand`

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