Sunday, December 13, 2009

my element .

this is too much. out of my element. people start changing`, others remain. some of them left.. and when it starts getting` good, they're nowhere to be found again`. well i'm tired of being` left and mistreated.

tired of trying` to help a friend or whatever its called. done with caring` because i always seem to care more. when i love, i love hard. when i hate, i hate to regret. there's nothing` better than living` and knowing` everything will be the same fun as our yesterdays. shit don't always go` that way.

people start changing` their minds. they tell other people things they are gonna do.. and leave you to come face to face without warning`. fake is as clear as water, even though i'm drowning`. i couldn't see where i was until i opened my mouth and took it in. got` a lil taste of reality. something` a lot of people fail to understand is my life.

when you have too many people in it, there's problems. when you grow` close to a person, they take it all away. makes you feel sorry, isolated, regret`. after a list of fucked up things` these people done to me, i was still there. i got` my secrets.

secrets from every single` character. but what i couldn't hide, was love. and what i think is safe to say is... its not there anymore. a friend, a sister, a girlfriend`, a mother, a bestfriend, a person.. can be taken for granted` at any given time. its yours to decide who you potray this image` too.

now i'm sitting` here looking` out my eyes asking`... who the fuck are you?.. i'm not gonna` figure` it out. i don't think you're worth the effort. i know its not worth my time. i doubt you think "i'm" worth it.

if you think otherwise... your time to prove it is up. i have to flip the hour glass` over. give` life another go`. before this round is up, i hope you will understand where real really was. give` it 2 weeks, give` it a weekend, or give` it a day to see me.. tell me how it go`.

tell me if you really think the same person will be here when you get` back. let me know if its an illusion. ask me what's wrong`? for the last time. "its nothing`, probably just the rest of my heart talking`."

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