Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Living` In A Lie.

Have you found out you were living` a lie? That all your feelings` you felt for someone were being` toyed with? It's not a good feeling` at all to meet someone, start gaining` feelings`, think they start to gain` feelings` for you as well but all along` it's a lie.

That person never really liked you just, going` along` with things` and putting` up with you because there was no one else . Numerous times where they would act out or cause pain to your heart just because he is just not that into you. you stay around thinking` it's just a phase`, things` will change` or that person is going` through` some stuff in their life perhaps...making` excuses and justifing` their actions because you have grown` to love this particular individual.

Thinking` they felt the same about you. Then come to find out that they never really liked you nor loved you for that matter. Wondering` why if they never felt that spark why not speak up and say what they felt.

Telling` you that you can never measure up or be good` enough` for that person ever. Telling` you that they never wish to see you and don't care if they associate themself with you. Here is the funny thing is that yet after all the hurt; pain; disapointment; and lies you still willing` and want this question to you is why:

WHY are you that immune to the bullshit that person has dished out to you; WHY do you feel you need to compromise` who you are for this person? Don't answer that let me answer that for you...hunnie` the answer is NO!

Don't ever change` who you are for anybody. Maybe one day that individual will truly see what a beautiful`, good` woman you are flaws and all and hell, maybe he won't and that's ok because like air you will rise above this.

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