Monday, March 22, 2010

my wedding vows. ♥

i love you babyy - forever. you're my bestfriend, my lover, my soulmate, my heart, my soul, my everything. being your fiance', is the best thing anybody could call me. you mean the world to me. you never gave up on me, and you were there for me when everybody else pushed me to the side, and for that i'll always love you. you've been there for me through times i didn't think i was strong enough to make it past, you've been by my side when i was ashamed to tell people things that happened to me, you've been by my side, when i made mistakes, but no matter what mistake i made, you never changed how you felt about me, and it really means a lot to me. you loved me at times when i was too dumb, hurt & confused to love myself, i know i haven't been the best girlfriend, but i think i'm doing a good job, even though i think i can do better. if i could go back and change every time i ever hurt you, or made you mad, i really would, but i can't and i'm really sorry because you didn't deserve any of it, regardless of what you did to me. it really means a lot to me that everytime i reached a point in my life with you that was too difficult, you always caught me when i fell. and, it means more to me that you made me fall for you and you didn't let me hit the floor. i really have gave you my heart, every single inch of it. you made it SO easy to let go of my past, and give you all that i have. i never thought i'd ever love like this. you make being in love so easy. i've been lied to, cheated on, taken advantage of so many times before, and you'll never know how it means to me that you haven't done any of that to me, especially since you know about my past. you and Kayden really are what i live for. without you guys, there is no me. you & kayden are the reasons for my smiles, i love yall SO much. you and her, are my present, my future, and my everythings. i really would die for you two. there have been so many times, when i wanted to give up, but you two kept me going. you and her will always have that special place in my heart - i promise. ♥

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