Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Last Straw

" the hardest thing to do , i watch the one you love , love somebody else... "

So many things run through my head
whenever I hear your name.
When you text or call me.
I keep telling myself not to go through this process,
but my heart takes over in success.
My mind fades away and let's my heart lead the way.
But see this is how I ended up here,
without any answers...
you question me for leaving,
yet I question you for continuing to stay.
You were with me when you were talking to her.
Now you're with her talking to me.
How disrespectful can you be?
So manipulative and conniving.
As much as I try to free myself, my heart gets in the way.
It starts to run this marathon of so-called love.
But if you truly loved a person, hurting them continuously would not be involved.
I don't need you nor do I need him.
I like being on my on, I found that out a long time ago.
You make a lot of promises and break every single one of them.
All those apologies were better let unspoken.
You know you didn't mean them, you just spoke them.
I've been the best I could have ever been.
Tolerated the most I could.
Believing in you was a mistake, believing you would ever change.
So many times I have stayed to prove to you I'm here for you,
yet all you did was chase me away.
but you turn around and say you'll do one thing,
yet the next day you're back to the same old routine.
It's not me it's you.
It's always been you.
You seem to like hurting people but I will no longer allow you to.
I don't care how this makes you feel.
Because what I'm saying is real.
Replacing me is like trying to erase me, we both know its not feasible.
I'm leaving...
I'm done, for good.
You won.
Unless you have an explanation for what you have done?

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